health services


  1. Aligarh Shifa Hospital:-

From the very beginning c.e. since July 1971 the poor, and the needy people are getting free medical facilities. Medicines, Laboratory tests. Two lady doctors are giving their services to about 200 patients daily, In addition to this on every Tuesday a Skin Specialist Dr. Tahir Anis provide this services. On every Wednesday Diabetic, Blood Pressure patients are seen by our specialist doctor Muhammad Dawood.
















  1. Free Hijama Services

are also available in our hospital.

Our Medical and Para Medical Staff is very dutiful they take care of patients with love and sympathy.




  1. Establishment of masjid and madrasas:


Masjid and madrassa sugrah garden west Karachi established in 1960 under the guidance of trained female teachers. There are about 350 students boys and girls are getting religious education with character building there is a library moral scientific and stories books the teachers and the students avail the books. Meetings with the parents specially with mothers are also arranged monthly.


Pictures Of Masjid Sugra 


Pictures Of Madrasa Sugrah





Tameer-e-Seerat Programe


  1. Tameer-e-seerat and character building programmes are also arranged.


The society with the cooperation of Jamiat-Taleem-ul-Quran has been working now days in 35 Government Girls Secondary Schools teaching nazra. Taleem-ul-Quran prayers and masnoon duain. As well as preaching of Islamic style and way of life.

For 11337 students 38 teachers  4 supervisors under the control of our deputy administrator and the administrator manage this programme.

Pictures Of 10 Schools

  1. Dialysis Department:


Seven (7) reputed dialysis centers of Karachi, where this facility has been provided to patients who have kidney failure or kidney problems. 2 and 3 times dialysis is need weekly.

The names and address, detail of patients of each center may be seen in the chart.